Introduction to PowerPoint:

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Computer based presentation software developed by Microsoft is available at This can be used in various circumstances like teaching a class, explanation of organisation structure or selling a product or selling a product.

How to start Microsoft PowerPoint

One can start Or say open Microsoft PowerPoint in many different ways

  • Start by clicking at the corner screen start then go to all programs then go to Microsoft office form there go to Microsoft office PowerPoint.
  • In case if someone has sent you PowerPoint presentation in Email attachment or as a file on share drive, network etc. One can note that this file would be represented by Microsoft PowerPoint icon. Simply double click on the icon and it will launch Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • One can create shortcut to open Microsoft PowerPoint. This feature is beneficial for regular users. Create a shortcut or quick launch icon on your desktop.
  • If you work on network of computers and the file is on another computer, one just need to locate the file with Microsoft PowerPoint icon and double click to open it. The administrator of the network can also create a link and send it to the user, which o9n clicked upon would open up the presentation.


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